Recovery Badges


‘Me and My ED’ and ‘The Positivity Pages’ have teamed up for Eating Disorder Awareness Week and created three amazing recovery badge packs! To get yours today, click on the link below:

Each badge pack comes with one illustrated badge and one text badge. The text badges read ‘I choose freEDom’ or ‘Let’s talk about something OTHER than my weight’. Badges are 32mm and come in blue, peach or purple. They are subtle enough that they don’t label you as having an Eating Disorder, yet a great way to raise awareness for Eating Disorders and finding that extra bit of motivation in recovery!

Personalised Portraits

I offer individual and group illustrated portraits!

When I was unwell I had a portrait illustrated of myself and I fell in love. I saw my body as a work of art, rather than the hateful shell I saw every day. So I want to give that same feeling to you!

Illustrated portraits are such a lovely thing to have, as you’re not only purchasing a picture, but a personalised artwork from your favourite artist. Something you can look at whenever you like and think to yourself, “Yeah, I look f*cking awesome!”. They also make the perfect gift for a loved one, because c’mon, who doesn’t love an awesome picture of themselves? You can access my store at:

Once you’ve made your choice of what type of illustration you’d like, send an email to with a receipt of purchase, a copy of the picture you’d like me to illustrate and any quote or saying you’d like to be included in your image. All portraits are drawn in 3500×3500 unless you would like otherwise. Please let me know this in your e-mail as well.