Me and My ED

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‘Me and My ED’ uses over 60 illustrations to explore the inner workings of one of the world’s most misunderstood illnesses, Eating Disorders. Written for all ages, health professionals, carers and sufferers, ‘Me and My ED’ allows readers to understand why someone may develop an Eating Disorder and how it’s functions go far beyond a means of losing weight.

‘Me and My ED’ reads as a story book and is told from the perspective of someone who suffers from an Eating Disorder. Characters, Christie, and her personified Eating Disorder, Ana, share a complex and enmeshed relationship that serves as a fundamental, yet horrific period in Christie’s life.

It is believed that weight loss is the disease itself, however it is merely a side effect of a mental illness. ‘Me and My ED’ is the first of its kind to illustrate what occurs in the mind of somebody with an Eating Disorder. Professionals across the globe are also using this book to engage their clients and help them better understand their illnesses.