Collaboration with ‘The Quo’: Creativity in recovery



The Bumblefly Effect and The Quo team up to talk about how creativity can be used in recovering from a mental illness.

Myself, two other amazing artists, a music therapist, and Caitie from The Bumblefly Effect speak in this video about our work and what we are each striving to do.


The Bumblefly Effect are a global collective of creatives, committed to breaking the stigma of mental illness. To learn more about them search @thebumbleflyeffect on Instagram.

The Quo are a collaborative organisation who aim to connect individuals and organisations, to use the power of community and empathy to challenge the status quo. To learn more about them visit

Raj Panda is a Sydney artist using his talents to express his experiences with depression, and comment on pop culture, history, media and literature. To find out more about Raj visit

Rosell is the artist behind ‘RosellsCreatures’, a collection of characters with their own personalities, stories and expressions. Rosell uses art to explore her emotions and connect with others. To learn more about Rosell visit


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