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‘Me and My ED’ is a social project with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding of Eating Disorders, as well as providing a much needed dose of inspiration and hope in recovery. Its founder, Christie Begnell, comes from a background with her own illness and is using her lived experiences and illustrative talent to visually represent an illness that is so difficult to verbally articulate. ‘Me and My ED’ has been successful in creating a positive and safe online space for everybody in recovery from an ED to come and share their stories, and feel less alone in their battles.

What’s New?

Stop the Stigma

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Over 200 stories.
Each as important as the other.
Each with the purpose of challenging common misconceptions about Eating Disorders.

‘Stop the Stigma’ is a collection of your stories related to the common stigmas surrounding Eating Disorders, and how discrimination has affected your recovery. It’s powerful not only for those who are having their stories shared, but for those of you also have an ED to know that you’re not alone.

It can be downloaded as a PDF here:
Stop the Stigma

You can also purchase a hard copy of ‘Stop the Stigma’ for your office, family or personal use here:

‘Stop the Stigma’ can be used in several ways.
– As an educational tool for carers and health professionals looking to learn a bit more about the lived experience of an Eating Disorder
– As a therapeutic tool to aid in the engagement of your clients/patients in treatment, to reassure them that they are not alone in their fight
– As a personal recovery tool. To have something you can hold on to, share with your loved ones, or even just read through in your own time to know that there are millions of people experiencing the same thing as you, and that your illness is still valid regardless of what your ED tells you.

Recovery Badges


‘Me and My ED’ and ‘The Positivity Pages’ have teamed up for Eating Disorder Awareness Week and created three amazing recovery badge packs! To get yours today, click on the link below:

Each badge pack comes with one illustrated badge and one text badge. The text badges read ‘I choose freEDom’ or ‘Let’s talk about something OTHER than my weight’. Badges are 32mm and come in blue, peach or purple. They are subtle enough that they don’t label you as having an Eating Disorder, yet a great way to raise awareness for Eating Disorders and finding that extra bit of motivation in recovery!